Har inte hunnit bestämt mig om jag ska övergå till engelska här, eller om jag ska fortsätta skriva endast för våra svenska läsare. Här kommer i alla fall lite material från vår senaste provkörning, där vi även passade på att bjuda in de som var intresserade.

Have not yet decided whether to change to English here, or to keep writing only for our Swedish readers (by natural causes, my Swedish is a lot better than my English, but I think you can be able to live with it…). By the way, here is some material from our latest test runs, where we also took the opportunity to invite whoever was interested.

(Sorry about the misspelling(s) in the movie….)

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  1. Oddvar skriver:

    Ett veldig respektabelt resultat det der!
    skyver jo seriøst nå!
    Når skal dere teste toppfart da? 🙂

  2. Husse skriver:

    So, the problem was the battery. Hmmmm, as I thought.
    Maybe that was the problem in Orsa as well?
    In any case, it was a great show.

    • LinusN skriver:

      Well, the voltage issue might be the cause of the failures at the last run, but it was kind of hard to distinguish that while we also had an ignition module in pieces, and several cracks in the engine.
      Now afterwards, I’m pretty certain that the voltage is one of the problems – and why not. In contrast to a car where the fuel pressure is quite accurately regulated, it is completely dependant on the voltage fed to the fuel pumps.

      The plan is to use two batteries in series to get 24 volts, and the use a regulator to supply the pumps with a steady 13-14v.

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