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Are you a journalist or other media worker? Please take a minute to read the disclaimer below the contact form:


    Media – Before you contact us

    Believe us, we really like it when we manage to inspire. Throughout the years we have had contact with journalists representing both magazines and TV shows. None of us three are very ”media trained”, and we are impressed with the great products that journalists and reporters manage to come up with after meeting us.

    If you find us or what we do interesting, feel free to contact us. But please do not expect us to be ”professional” about what we do. This has nothing at all to do with ”being professional”. Actually we kind of want to keep it the opposite (we have our professions, but this is not one of them). This is about having fun, being creative, and a bit crazy. It’s amazing how much happiness some creativity, craziness and adrenaline can give you.

    A ”side effect” of this is that we actually happen to have gained a lot of knowledge from all of this. That is probably why university teachers and students, engineers from companies abroad and other people contact us to have a chat. Most of the time the gain is mutual – which is of course the best!

    To avoid having the wrong expectations from us, please take just 10 or 15 minutes to scan through our blog and maybe a few more to check out some of our videos (Linus Youtube channel, mixed content). We know, it’s in Swedish, but the images and some crappy Google translations will do enough to give you a pretty fair picture of who we are.

    To sum it up: We are a few pretty darn skilled and nice guys who are more interested in having fun, being creative and learning than being dead serious about this.
    If you find what we do or who we are interesting, and feel comfortable with calling your self ”open minded”, we are happy to have a chat with you. The contact form is above!

    Svarthålet Racing